Jim Mason – Yucca Valley Area Real Estate Broker

Our Location

We are located in the Yucca Valley area that includes the following places: Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, Twentynine Palms, and Landers area. It is considered a high-desert area and is about 45 minutes North of Palm Springs..

Buy a Home

Please visit the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) link as it will have all my current listings. Just call me to set up a time if you would like to see inside any of the homes listed.

Sell Your Home

If you would like to sell your home in the area I would be glad to help you. First of all you may want to get a list of other houses similar to yours and see what they have sold for in the past 6 months.
These are what we call “comps” and they can give you a good idea of what you might be able to sell your house for.

Thank you for visiting my site

My family has been in this area for over 20 years. We hope that whether you are buying or selling your home you enjoy the area as well as we do.


I make a diligent effort to return each phone call as soon as I can.